he Board of Directors of Selected Textiles SA, by its decision of March 24th 2009, decided the establishment of a 100% subsidiary company by the name of SELECTED ENERGY SA, which was listed as an anonymous corporation with the register number 67911/04/Β/09/46. Company G.E.MI number: 8741201000

Since the 28th of June 2018 the company’s stocks are traded at the Emerging Companies Market of Cyprus Stock Exchange.

With the company’s admission to the Cyprus Stock Exchange, the company became controlled by Selected Textiles SA at a 99,98%.

The mission of the company is the establishment of companies with the purpose of production of energy from renewable or non-renewable sources,the establishment and operation of photovoltaic elements production units , the production and dispensation of power from renewable or non-renewable sources and the high yield Co-generation of Heat and Power and similar activities.

Selected Energy SA Board of Directors

1) Evripidis Char. Dontas President & Managing Director.
2) Apostolos El. Dontas Vice-President.
3) Apostolos Ioan. Dontas Member.
4) Areti Andr. Arsenopoulou Member.