The Company deals with:
• the ginning of seed cotton
• the production of yarns
• the dyeing and the treatment of yarns

The ginning is made with selected quality of seed cotton, which is controlled by the quality system of the company, so as to achieve the desirable qualitative level of production of yarns. More than 70% of the ginning production is used by the company, and the rest is allocated in the interior and abroad, at percentage which is determined market conditions.

The production of yarns constitutes the basic activity of the company. The 70% to 75% are pennie yarns and the rest are carded.

The produced yarns are ecrou, dyed, single, twisted and gazed merserized, covering a wide range of products and giving the company flexibility concerning the marketing of its products and its pricing policy. The 70% of the production is exported and the rest is sold in the internal market.