• Management of subsistence crop of seed cotton.
• Increase of the production of VENUS quality yarns.
• Full automation of the spinning mills and of the yarn dyeing house.
• Profitability optimization.
• Complete cover of the need for the integrated production.
• Increase of our market share in the European Union countries.
• Flexibility and quick response of deliveries.
• Cooperation with clients for the development of new custom made products.
• Continuous investments for the renewal of equipment with the use of peak technologies.
• Upgrade of the Quality Assurance System and continuous eduction and training of personnel.
• Organization of Customer Technical Support Department.


Fundamental place in the objectives of SELECTED TEXTILES S.A., occupies the concretization of the new three-year investment plan, that concerns in the expansion of its productive installations and in the continuation of modernization of its equipment aiming at the further reduction of the production cost. At the same time, the company gives particular accent in its export activities, aiming at the increase of its market share by upgrading the quality of its products.


• High quality of products. ISO 9002 (1996) Certification.
• Environment protection policy certification ISO 14000 (2000).
• Accumulated know-how.
• Automony in raw materials.
• Production flexibility.
• Scale economies.
• Research and Development.
• Investments in Peak Technologies.