Company’s Presentation

The company was founded in 1970, by Donta’s brothers, Christos, Charalampos, Elias, Michael and John. The first production unit of cotton yarns was established at Farsala, Cental Greece. Within 50 years its capacity exceeded all expectations, leading the company to levels which classify it among the largest Greek Yarn Textiles Industries.

Since then the company has demonstrated rapid rythms of growth, which have strengthened its presence in to the market. Furthermore, it became the largest domestic investor in the textiles sector.

The company’ s working field includes a wide range of activities, from seeding to final elaboration and selling of all cotton yarn types. The products of the company are seeded cotton, cotton yarns ecrou, combed, carded, dyed, seeding and filature cotton by- products, etc.
Selected Textiles is distinguished for its completely integrated production line while the sales of the company are mainly export oriented as the 70% of its production is exported.

At the same time, the strategic zoning place of the company’ s production units, which are located in the largest cotton production area of Central Greece, is one of the most comperative advantages, which preserves the adecedence as far as the preference of the producers is concerned, during the period of raw matterials’ purchacing, namelly raw cotton.