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Selected Energy S.A
Selected Volt S.A.
Selected Biogas Farsala S.A
Group Structure

The company «SELECTED TEXTILES SA» and its subsidiaries have the following working fields:

Selected Textiles SA is enbaled in the fields of cotton seeds,raw cotton,production & trading of ginned cotton ,production and elaboration of cotton yarns and production and distribution of electric energy.

The subsidiaries «SELECTED ENERGY SA» , «SELECTED VOLT SA»and «SELECTED BIOGAS FARSALA SA» have as main mission the operation of photovoltaic plants and photovoltaic elements production units, the production and distribution of electric energy through renewable or non-renewable energy rescources , the high-yielded co-generation of power and heat and similar activities.

The headquarters of the company and the subsidiaries are situated in municipality of Acharnais in Athens.

The number of emploees within the group on the 30th of June,2014 was 290 .
The company has admitted in the Athens Stock Exchange Market in 1991. The subsidiaries included in the group are the followings:

Selected Energy SA Direct 99,98 Total
Selected Volt SA Indirect 100 Total
Selected Biogas Farsala SA Indirect 100 Total

Group Structure

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